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70 Metre Internet Archery League

In recent years 70 metres has become the preferred distance for international archery competition for recurve archers, including the Archery World Cup and the Olympic Games. As a result, the WA 70m round – six dozen arrows at 70 metres, often called the WA 70m 720 – is also becoming ever more popular as a tournament format.

The WA 720 70m round has many advantages for an International Archery League communicating via the Internet: Everybody can shoot together on the same virtual line, the distance of 70m on a 122cm face is accessible to most archers including: men, women, progressing cadets & longbow archers, and yet the round remains a challenge to international level compound shooters.

    Core Information
  • WA 70 Metre Round: 6 Dozen arrows at 70 Metres, 122cm face, 10 zone scoring
  • Individual Competition: the best three scores are added together and ranked
  • Team competition: three archers each shoot six 70 Metre rounds, a total of 18 scores
  • Men's, Women's & Cadet Recurve/Compound/Longbow/Barebow Individual and Teams results are automatically calculated by the cloud software
  • The league runs: 1st January – 30th September in any given year
  • The Records Officer adds all team, archer & score information. It is the Records Officer who interacts with this website
  • A Records Officer can administer one or several teams
  • Click HERE to become a Records Officer
  • Awards to top Individuals & Teams


    An example of how it all works:

    ABC Archery Club have 9 recurve archers who shoot 70m. The Records Officer Larry sets up a new team called "ABC Archery Club", adds the archers and enters their scores. The league software calculates and ranks the nine archers into sub-teams of three: ABC Archery Club Team 1, ABC Archery Club Team 2 & ABC Archery Club Team 3.

    Larry and two friends also shoot compound and want to set up a Named Team of Three, The Three Archerteers. As Larry is already a Records Officer, he can go to his control panel web page and set up a new team, and then he adds the scores for The Three Archerteers.

  • As for shooting, there is only really one rule: An archer must state that they are shooting a League round before they start scoring. Obviously there is no way in which the organisers can enforce this rule, so it is down to the honour of the archers taking part, in the spirit of Union, Trueheart, and Courtesie (GNAS spelling).


  • The aim of 70 Metre Internet League is to develop a form of competitive archery where clubs and groups of archery friends can shoot together in a relaxed atmosphere – at a pace they like – so as to produce their very best performance.

  • The 70 Metre Internet League is designed to enable teams and individuals to judge how they are progressing, both locally and internationally. The rules are designed to be smart but casual. There is no stipulation as to when or where the six rounds are to be shot: an individual or team is quite at liberty to [attempt to] shoot all six or 18 rounds in a 24 hour period. Likewise, two archers can be shooting their sixth and final rounds with an archer who is shooting their first round. Three archers from the same team are at liberty to shoot together on the same target. A club may decide to shoot the 70 metre round on the second Sunday of the month, or two friends may phone each other and say: "It's a nice day, let's go down to the club and shoot a league round now". Exactly how shooting is organised is left to clubs & teams.

  • However, the scoring must always be rigorous.

    Get your name on a 70m League certificate, and hang it in your clubhouse:

In 2012 70m League Certificates were given for:

Individual Recurve Men Total of Best Three from Six Rounds
Individual Recurve Women Total of Best Three from Six Rounds
Individual Compound Men Total of Best Three from Six Rounds
Individual Compound Women Total of Best from Six Three Rounds
Individual Longbow Total of Best Three from Six Rounds
Individual Barebow Total of Best Three from Six Rounds
Recurve Teams: Three Archers Shooting Six Rounds Each (18 rounds in total)
Compound Teams: Three Archers Shooting Six Rounds Each (18 rounds in total)

We hoping that with more archers and teams participating in 2013 that awards will be given for more categories,such as: longbow teams, women's compound, and that it should be possible to give separate awards for club teams and named teams, etc.

   Types of Team & Individual

   Note some 2012 minor rule updates for the few archers who shoot more than six rounds

  • Club Teams can consist of any number of archers, and the league software will calculate the various team aggregates and team of three positions. All archers in a club team must be formal members of a particular club: no ringers allowed. County, state, regional, national and other associations will be treated as a club. Club teams should have sensible names that reflect the name of the club.

  • Named Teams consist of ONLY three archers. Named team members do not have to be members of the same club, just three archers who wish to form a team. A named team may not change its makeup in a year and all members must shoot the same type of bow. Named teams are at liberty to adopt silly but non-offensive names.

  • In the individual competition an archer can shoot up to six scores (for a team), and the best three of six scores count.

  • A solo archer can shoot as an individual, however, it will still necessary to set up a team. One archer calls her solo team 'MeByMyself'.

  • An individual archer with a solo team can set up more than one instances of themselves: John_A Doe, John_B Doe & John_C Doe and shoot 3 x 6 = 18 rounds to be a single person Named Team. Score sheets for individuals must be counter-signed by one or more other archers, obviously. Only their highest best of three from six score will be considered in the individual competition.

  • If an individual wants to shoot two or more types of bow, then the names should be John (RC) Doe and John (C) Doe. So, add (RC), (C), (BB) ot (LB) to the christian name so John becomes John (RC), etc.
  • "Longbow" means English longbow, a precisly defined bowtype: no arrow shelf, horn nocks, wooden arrows, etc. American flatbows, horse bows etc. should register as 'barebows'.

  • Just enroll as a records officer and enter scores. The 70m Internet League software will determine if a team is a Club Team or a Named Team, individual and team rankings, etc.

  • An archer can be a member of more than one team, but only their highest best of three score will be considered in the individual competition.

  • One club or named team can only have one instance of an archer shooting one bow type. For example: Jane Doe shoots six recurve rounds for her club team, Lakeside Archers, but she wants to shoot more. The records officer cannot make another instance of Jane Dow shooting recurve for Lakeside Arches. Jane can either shoot more rounds using a compound or longbow, or, the records officer can create a new team, Lakeside Archers.

  • Records officers (see below) always at liberty to start new teams.

    In subsequent years as the league grows it will be possible to introduce more types of team.

   Rules of Shooting

  • An archer must state that they are shooting a League round BEFORE scoring commences.
  • If the archer is a member of more that one team they MUST STATE which team that they are representing BEFORE shooting/scoring commences: One score can only be used for one team!
  • Once a round is started it must be finished unless there are extreme weather conditions and shooting is generally abandoned, or an individual has an equipment failure or injury. Please, no: "I'm not putting this score in because it's not good enough... "
  • Archers may not shoot by themselves.
  • Up to 45 min of practice is allowed before scoring commences.
  • Archers may submit scores club shoots and/or from open tournaments. Indeed, archers shooting at a Double 70m tournament may submit both scores to the league.
  • Cadet archers must be under 18 at the time of shooting.
  • Line cutters: Always ask yourself: Would a judge give it at a tournament?

  • Download a 70 Metre League score sheet HERE

   The Records Officer & Their Role

   Every team must have a designated records officer who's duty it is to:

  • Have access to an email address and the web.
  • To Set Up a NEW Records Officer Account CLICK HERE
  • Provide and remember a user name & password.
  • Register one or more teams.
  • Double check the addition on ALL the physical score sheets.
  • All scores must be added to the database within 21 days of being shot, the date on the score sheet or the tournament results. This is to stop an archer or team joining at the end of the season and submitting a season's scores.
  • Retain ALL the physical score sheets and/or tournament results. The league organisers reserve the right to ask to see the original physical score sheets at any time (postage paid by the league).
  • Enter all scores to the web site in a diligent manner.
  • Act as a point of contact.

  • When a cadet archer turns 18 they become a senior according to FITA rules. When this occurs the records officer must create a new archer, and NOT just change the archer from Cadet Woman to Woman or Cadet Man to Man. If they do so all of the cadet scores will be converted to senior scores.

  • Final rounds must be shot by midnight on the 30th September.
  • All scores must be added within 21 days, that is midnight on 21st October.

  • Should any club or named team be found to be putting in false scores, all team members will be banned from the league.


Contact The League Webmaster: Mark Leach